Use cases

Videos grouped by customer requirements / use cases

Some of the typical requirements that we have addressed are as follows:

1.Video ads for the social media platforms

These are normally 10 to 15 seconds long and could be used for advertising using 2Dstyle on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. The videos normally end with contact information about the advertiser prompting the viewers to contact them. These could be boosted as well as easily be shared through various platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat etc. The videos could be of longer durations as well.

2.Corporate/Sales presentation videos

We have done these types of videos for the clients for explaining about the company, its products and services, experience and expertise. Our clients have used them in conferences, exhibitions or as sales presentations when they meet their potential customers.

3.Product/Service explainer videos

We can explain the features of your product or service visually in a very effective way. This is useful when you have to explain the features of your product/ service / business model etc to your target audience. It could also be used to reduce the workload of the customer support teams.

4.HR Induction videos

We have worked with companies to create videos that can train the newly joined employees on the internal processes, policies, expectations, accident and emergency procedures etc. This type of video will be customized as per the client's requirements and is an effective means to reduce the workload of the HR team during the staff onboarding process.

5.Health and safety videos

We are also working with clients on their health and safety training videos. Similar to the induction process that was described earlier, this is also a very important as far as the legal requirements are concerned. Our clients aim at reducing their workload in training their employees through the use of custom-built videos for their industries. This will help reduce their costs.

6.3D modelling and animation

We also model the mechanical devices and create storylines to explain their usage using 3D animation.