Video Production Services in New Zealand


Scope assessment and communication

We will communicate to you the general scope of the work and the corresponding price.


Initial invoice

If you agree, then we will invoice you 50% of the project cost in advance.


Work starts

Once, the payment is received, we will start the work.



You can provide us the script for the video or we can help in writing one for you as discussed and agreed.


Script modifications

If we are writing the script, then we will provide you the same for your suggestions/modifications.


Script finalization

The mutually agreed script, will include appropriate and approximate information about the scenes as well, which also should be mutually agreed.


Voice recording

Once, the script with the scene information is mutually accepted, then we will record the voice with some of the voice artists who work on our projects. We will provide you a few voice samples to choose from.


Voice - Special requirements

Generally, the project cost includes voice-over cost as well, provided the voice used is from the list that we provided. If you have special requirements such as any particular accent, a specific person's voice etc, then associated cost will also be billed by us separately.


Script and voice - conditions

Once the script is finalized and voice recorded, then the script cannot be modified again. If at all you need modifications, then there will be costs related to voice re-recording and mixing and synchronization.


After the voice is ready, we work on the animation based on the agreed script and scene information.


Review and feedback

We will release the video for your review and feedback.


Change requests

We will accommodate your change requests and make appropriate modifications for free onetime, as long as it is within the concept agreed in the script.


Video - modifications

We will provide you the modified video.


Additional change requests

If you have more change requirements, then we can do them at a rate of NZ Dollar 30 per hour. We will assess and inform you the cost.


Acceptance and payment

If the video is accepted, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the project cost.


Video release

After we receive the final payment, we will release the video for your use.

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