Why business required an animated Explainer video

Web4me is a one-stop-shop animated explainer video production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. An explainer video utilizes a short-animated video as a medium for businesses to quickly tell their brands’ stories in a memorable way. The future of digital interchanges is a great deal more than just textual content. Online videos are turning into the medium of choice for users who are in need of quick information and who are increasingly reluctant to read through volumes of articles on any service or a product.

While the technological advances have helped improve the quality of life, it has also reduced the attention span of people in general. Companies have realized that simple graphics and straightforward language can convey message in a short time and captivate the user’s attention and tempt them to check out their services better.

A huge number of organizations of all shapes and sizes have found that incorporating a short, convincing video has helped them grow their brand presence. Explainer videos are useful for any business with a message they want to be heard.

How our Explainer videos work

Scientifically it is proved that when used accurately, video is the perfect medium for giving information, since it animates both audio and visual functions. We specialize in creating explainer videos that are compelling enough for users to watch, be informed and share.

10 Compelling reasons for Video Production

Why our business will benefit from an explainer video created by our team.

Animated explainer video

Increase web traffic

An interesting video shared and viewed by the public numerous times is said to have gone viral. A viral video has the potential to exponentially increase your brand awareness and as a result increased your organic traffic and boost your revenue.

The power of the a captivating video should never be underestimated. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, online video traffic is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. They expect online videos will show a four-fold increase from 2015 to 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 percent. Those are simply numbers your business can't afford to ignore..


Increase Web Traffic

An interesting video that is shared and viewed a lot by the public becomes a “Viral video”. This has the potential to effectively increase the visitors to your site.

This in turn improves the popularity of your product or service and may lead to more sales. Online video traffic will see a massive increase in the next few years, predicts the Cisco visual net-working Index.

Online video will show a four-fold increase from 2015 to 2020, the report says, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 percent.

In 2014, global video traffic measured 25.0 exabytes per month. That will grow to 105.2 exabytes in 2019. While video made up 68 percent of consumer internet traffic in 2015, that will rise to 82 percent in 2020.

Video made up 44 percent of business online traffic in 2015, and will rise to 66 percent in 2020.


Return for money invested (ROI)

We believe in adding value to our clients and ensure our professional explainer videos are produced to the highest standards at competitive rates. Our highly skilled team of experts is perfectly positioned to transform your minimum investment into a maximum return.

Take, for instance, Dropbox – they invested $50,000 to bring their story to life through an explainer video. And the results were beyond impressive - 5 million new clients and over $24M in income.

Craft your own success story through Web4me.


Return for money invested (ROI)

We can create explainer videos at competitive rates. Utilize our expertise and watch a little spend transform into an extraordinary, colossal return .

Dropbox burned through $50,000 to recount their story through an explainer video. It brought about 5 million new client and over $24M in income.

Crazy Egg ventured up their income $21,000 a month.

Craft your own success story through Web4me.

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Improve Google Ranking

Those all-important google rankings can make or break your business. Stale sites are boring, and countless pages of text and images rank low on the search engine results pages. As a growing business, you need to take advantage of every opportunity and ensure that all aspects of your content are maximized.

Adding a new and exciting element, like an explainer video, will immediately elevate your business and capture the attention of your existing and potential clients.


Improve Google Ranking

Measurably, stale sites don't do well. Sites that contain innumerable pages  of  texts and images  rank low in Google search, resulting in less exposure for your website.

This likewise drives off clients who need to rapidly comprehend an item, and buy it without a  second's pause.

Much of the time, the normal individual takes not exactly a moment to settle on a buying choice. An explainer video will stand out enough to be noticed promptly.

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Effectively communicating your product or service's value

Traditional content is not always the optimal way to effectively communicate the value of your product or service. No business can afford to lose its message, and text is often open to interpretation. Explainer videos allow you to control the narrative and communicate the attributes of your products or services clearly and effectively.

It is far easier for your existing and potential clients to grasp your message when they see it while having it explained in a clear and engaging way.


Elucidate the Goal of Your Product or Service

Text is always subject to interpretation by the people when they read.

Explainer videos on the other hand presents your point of view, the way you want it, detailing the usefulness and basic function of a product or service.

People comprehend a product or service much better once they see and hear somebody clarify it.

An explainer video helps you to interface better with your potential client by expounding what your business can accomplish for them and why they ought to pick you over competitions can accomplish for them and why they ought to pick you over competition.

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Making your message memorable

The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see which is why an explainer video is an obvious choice.

An interesting and engaging video not only effectively communicates your message but has the potential to be shared and go viral. Content has a limited lifespan, but videos have greater longevity and gain momentum every time they are shared. An added benefit is that every shared video is free advertising, making them a great investment.


Audience Retain Information

The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see.

A video results in an increase in word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth continues to be the main was that businesses attract customers.

If the customer likes your product, they’ll share your video.

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Elevate your sales pitch

As they say, "You only get one chance to make a first impression." Your sales pitch must be exciting and traditional presentations full of paragraphs, and pie charts aren't renowned for being engaging and capturing anyone's attention.

Bring your pitch to life with an exciting explainer video. A professionally produced video with a solid script and engaging visuals is bound to capture your audience's attention immediately.

Do you have a complex, unique, or new product/service whose benefits need to be explained to a larger audience? Explainer videos are the best medium to extend your reach and promote your product effectively.

Here at Web4me, our expert team is waiting to help you elevate your pitch and boost your revenue.


Enliven Your Sales Pitch

The sales pitch for your product or service has to be exciting! A paper based one is pretty boring. Even typical PowerPoint slide shows and pamphlets power-packed with a bunch of words and pie charts can’t live up to the expectations when it comes to engaging your customer attention for long.

So, liven up your pitch by using an explainer video! A well-produced video for business with a solid script and engaging visuals can capture the attention of your audience immediately.

Do you have a complex, unique or a new product/service whose benefits need to be explained to a larger audience? Explainer video is the best medium to reach out to your customers and increase your sales with the least effort.

Web4me can help you achieve this. We have the best expertise that you can trust!

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Generate Increased Interest

Social media marketing has become integral to any marketing strategy, and you can't afford to remain invisible. Our professionally produced videos are the ideal solution to capture your target market's interest, taking your business to the next level.


Generate Increased Interest

More organizations are utilizing social networks to get the message out about themselves.

They do this by utilizing media, for example, pictures and recordings to generate interests for their products or services.

A vast majority of internet users watch videos and a nicely made video of your product or service is sure to garner their interests.

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Show your brand's personality

Customers don't want to deal with faceless brands anymore; you need to humanize your brand and give it a personality. But most importantly, you need to be authentic and keep it real, which is exactly what our explainer videos do.

Giving your brand a personality brings it to life and enables you to create an authentic connection with your customers. Connections go a long way towards building trust and credibility and forming that all-important relationship with your client.

Every potential interaction your customers have with your brand needs to either add value, solve a problem or be fun. Explainer videos add a different dimension to your brand and are the most common medium people interact with.

Why let anyone else explain your product or service when you can easily provide that information whilst creating a connection and gaining loyal followers?


Show Your Business Personality

The main thing that makes a client eventually turn into a repeat client is your identity. It  is imperative that a client can see your name. This is particularly the case for online organizations where the clients cannot be expected to have personal contact with you.

It is necessary to generate a feeling of trust in your business and it’s products among your customers. A well presented explainer video can help in building that connection.

Beside boosting deals, picking up fame for your image, and clarifying your item  effectively, there are such a variety of more advantages to utilizing an explainer video that we would require an explainer video to show them all.

Generally people everywhere in the world tend to make videos about everything that touch their lives. This demonstrates that videos are the most prevalent medium for individuals to share information or advertise.

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Boost your conversion rates

Videos are exceptionally effective in helping customers, and potential buyers better understand what your product and services are all about. And from a marketing perspective, videos have higher conversion rates when compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Analyzing the performance of your explainer videos provides key insights into your customer's behavior and interests, which will help you align your strategy and convert those visitors into loyal customers.


Increase Conversion Rates

It is seen that people generally show more interest to purchase an item or a service once they see anexplainer video related to the same.

Explainer videos help business owners analyse clearly how many visitors on their sites could become potential customers.

Tracking the views that an explainer video received is a clear method to estimate the popularity of the product.

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Easily shareable

Although your initial objective may be to create an explainer video for your website, they can easily be used across various platforms and video hosting sites. Therefore, utilizing your content effectively means a greater return on your investment.

An interesting and engaging video not only effectively communicates your message but has the potential to be shared and go viral. Content has a limited lifespan, but videos have greater longevity and gain momentum every time they are shared. An added benefit is that every shared video is free advertising, making them a great investment.


Easily Shareable

Even though an explainer video is built for your website, there is no restriction in using it elsewhere as you wish.

In fact, we suggest that you increase their reach using video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Upload your videos and use keywords to draw interest to them.

Another advantage of these sites is that they are mobile compatible. Videos are easily shareable, unlike text web pages.

It is observed that, people are more likely to share and watch videos on the Internet than read huge texts on a website.

Our team, based in New Zealand, provides professional video production services that help clients to communicate their brand story through engaging and creative animated explainer videos. We understand that the process of developing quality animation videos can be complex, so we offer custom solutions to ensure that the final product aligns with our clients' brief and style. From script to video animation, we deliver a complete and easy-to-follow process that delivers high-quality content. Our company also offers blog content, email contact, and event-based services to help businesses build their brand and offer a professional image. We recommend our services to anyone looking for help with video production, as our team provides a simple and hassle-free way to create top-quality videos.

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