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Corporate video production services in Auckland

Explainer videos are the ideal way to bring your brand's story to life. These short animated videos add an exciting element and alternative to traditional textual content. As a business, you are continuously competing to capture your existing and future customers' attention. Online videos have become a popular medium to communicate information quickly and effectively.

Technological advances have dramatically improved how we communicate, but on the downside, people's attention spans have significantly reduced. Simple graphics combined with the right message is the ideal way to convey your message timeously while encouraging your clients to find out more.

Incorporating a short, original, and engaging video is key to increasing brand awareness and getting your message across in a unique way. Stand out from the crowd with our unique explainer videos.

About us,

We are one of the leading 2D Animated-explainer-video production services companies in Auckland, New Zealand. We produce high-quality and engaging animation and training videos that effectively explain your products and services in an engaging way.

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2D animated video-making services in Auckland

explainer video production company Auckland

According to research by Wyzowl, companies have seen a dramatic increase in website traffic and lead generation as a result of video content, and 83% of businesses indicated that videos helped increase the time users spent on their landing pages. But more importantly, 94% of businesses said that videos were very effective in helping customers and potential buyers gain a greater understanding of what their products were all about.

Explainer Video Services in Auckland

01 Scope and communication

02 Initial invoice

03 Work starts

04 Scripting

05 Script modifications

06 Script finalization

07 Voice recording

08 Voice over

09 Script and voice - conditions

10 Graphics and Animation

11 Review and feedback

12 Change requests

13 Video - modifications

14 Additional change requests

15 Acceptance and payment

16 Video release

2D Animation Video Services

We create videos for corporate and sales presentations, promotions, and technical related projects. We also produce incredible training videos, which is the ideal way to boost productivity and motivate your valued teams. In addition, animation is perfect for creating those complex how-to videos. There is something about animation that just seems to simplify the learning process.

2D Corporate Video in NZ

These captivating 2D-style videos are normally 10 to 15 seconds long and are perfect for advertising on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Depending on your requirements, our videos end with your contact information and a call to action. It is all about converting those opportunities into solid leads.

2d animated video making services in auckland

Customer service is core to every aspect of our business which is why we continuously guide you through the process. We provide 3-4 smart revisions at each stage, including the script and scene descriptions. Our priority is to ensure that you are completely satisfied before you sign off and move on to the next stage.

3D Corporate Video Production in NZ

As a business, you are continuously competing to capture your existing and future customers' attention. Online videos have become a popular medium to communicate information quickly and effectively.

2D Explainer Video in NZ

Video packages

In order to understand your unique requirements and provide the most effective solution for your business, we have spent over five years conducting in-depth research and producing a host of different types of videos. Our objective has been to create products that assist you in taking your business to the next level.

2D Corporate Video in NZ

A video blog, is a type of blog that features video content rather than written text.

2D animated Video in NZ
Animated Videos and Production
General FAQ

This is a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to animated videos and production. The answers provide brief explanations and tips to help understand the animation process and create high-quality animated videos.

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